Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Hello, what’s up? I just finished Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier so I decided to let you know what I think of it. Ruby Red is a special book to me because it is the first actual time travel book that I ever read and it was translated from German into English. Other books were just flashbacks. Reading time travel books is new to me because I didn’t think they would be interesting enough and that they would be cliche. After I read Ruby Red I changed my mind and I am currently reading the second book of the series. With no further ado let’s get to the review!

Ruby Red is about a girl named Gwyneth Shepherd and her family  who have the time travelling gene. The time traveling gene allows the carrier to travel only back in time, not the future. In the beginning of the book Gwyneth’s family believes that her cousin Charlotte has the gene. Charlotte has been trained her whole life to be a time traveller but Gwyneth didn’t because Charlotte has been experiencing the symptoms for longer. Then, Gwyneth starts to feel the symptoms that a carrier gets before they travel back in time. She ends up travelling back shortly after but does not tell her mom thinking that her mother won’t believe her and that her family would think that she just is just trying to get attention. When the time travel incidents happen more often Gwyneth decides to tell her mother. After both girls are examined it was decided that Gwyneth has the gene, not Charlotte. In the book, Gwyneth starts to learn how to control her abilities and how to elapse back in time safely with another time traveler (Can you guess what happens?). Through all of that, she will learn about the time history of time travel and about her family’s history.

I really enjoyed this book because it was a new experience and a new type of book for me. In my opinion, the book was a little rushed in the beginning because I would have preferred a little bit more background information about Gwyneth’s personality and how she operated on a daily basis so I can compare it more to the changes. The characters didn’t develop as much as just experience new things. I didn’t get a lot of background information about other characters either which made it really hard to judge them, basically, the characters were vague. I was assuming that is because it is a time travel book and their history and personalities are supposed to be revealed bit by bit but, that doesn’t really happen. It is really important for me to connect with the characters and my only complaint about the book was the how vague the characters were. Although I did enjoy the plot and the story. The family dynamic is interesting because they all have their own stories and they all connect with time travel and supernatural abilities. For example, Gwyneth can see ghosts and her aunt has visions. I am only 50 pages in so I will have to finish and see if there are any improvements. I would definitely recommend anyone to read this book especially readers who have not read something like it before. I give it 3/5.


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