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The Newsoul Trilogy by Jodi Meadows

Hello, everyone! How are you? I hope you are doing well. Sorry for not posting anything over the past two months. I have been really busy with school and life. I actually didn’t read a single book in the last two month, that’s how busy I was. I did manage to finish the Newsoul trilogy though!

This trilogy is about a girl named Ana and her life and the hardships that come with it. This story is based in a part of the world called the Range, specifically in a city called Heart, where people reincarnate every time after they die for over 5000 years. They reincarnate into new bodies but their soul stays the same. One night a girl named Ciana dies, which is normal, but when the baby is born the people of Heart discover it is not Ciana or any other soul that was to be reincarnated. This unknown soul was named Ana, derived from Ciana as a tribute to her.

Ana’s mom took her out of Heart right after she is born and lived in a cottage in the Range because everyone hated Ana so much and thought of her as a bad omen. Ana’s mom herself hated Ana and always called her a no soul. Until the age of 18 Ana lived with her mom having to tolerate her mom’s abuse and hate. On her 18th birthday, Ana decided to leave. As a way to make it harder for Ana to find her way to anywhere her mom gives her a faulty compass. As a result, Ana gets lost in the freezing cold forest and gets chased by a sylph. Sylphs are shadows that emit heat and when they attack humans and burn them so badly and they scar terribly. While trying to run away from the sylph Ana decides to jump in the water to try to get away from them, even though she can’t swim. A boy 😉 named Sam, jumps in the water after her to save her, but the sylph came back the next day and in the process of fighting them she burns herself really badly and the boy takes her into his cottage helps her heal.

From then on Sam and Ana get to know each other better and things get more interesting. Throughout the rest of the series they go through so many difficulties to try to understand why older souls reincarnate, what happened the night Ciana dies, and the secret behind the city of Heart and what is controlling it.

I loved the series. It is such an interesting concept to try and understand why you reincarnate, what happens when you actually die and who is controlling this process. The characters were perfect for the storyline and every character complimented each other very well. What I loved the most about the series is how the old souls were interacting with Ana and the difference between how an old soul and a new soul view life. Something I learned from this series is the importance of acceptance. However different someone is, be open minded and try to understand their situation.

I loved this series so much and would recommend it to anyone who likes a little bit of romance with adventure and mystery. I would give it 4.5/5!



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