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The Velvet Trilogy by Temple West

Hello! Long time no see (or write for that matter!) Sorry for disappearing for so long but school took up so much time and I lost motivation for reading and writing. Since it’s summer I have been reading more than I have this whole year and it’s quite good. I am a little upset that I didn’t read enough during the school year and not even as much as I wanted during the summer, but non the less it’s better than nothing.

Lately, I have been reading more chick lits and stand alones. Normally, I am into dystopian but more into paranormals like vampires and demons and all things like that! When I can’t find something to read on my to read list I go to the library and just look on the shelves, that’s how I found velvet.

I read the first book, Velvet, and the second book, Cashmere. This series is about a half-demon, half-vampire boy named Adrian and Caitlin the human. Caitlin’s mom died of cancer and her dad died when she was young. She had to move to Stoney Creek with her aunt. Caitlin went out to the forest one night to draw and got stuck in an interesting storm. On her first day at her new high school she notices Adrian and after some asking around she learns that he was the one who saved her life.  She works up the guts to go thank him during her study hall period. Since Adrian is very attractive, Caitlin as most girls likes him. Sooner than later Adrian and Caitlin start hanging out during study hall and then (of course) started dating. Later on in the first book, Adrian tells Caitlin that he is a vampire and the real reason why and how he saved her from the storm.

I can’t say more about the end of the first book or any about the second book.

As for the series, it is very very good. It is kind of like a basic love story but the progression is actually very interesting. Firstly, unlike most paranormal love stories the story is not just focused on the love aspect but also the characters of the story. Which is a good change that I appreciate. Adrian actually has interests and a history and not just some dumb boy going after a girl. He is smart, loves sciences and way more emotionally invested and developed than most vampires in the book. Caitlin is a girl with dreams of becoming a fashion designer and she actually works towards them. She is not just some depressed, love struck girl who is going after the vampire attractive boy. I like that the author actually invested in developing characters and their love story not just their love story. Secondly, the author didn’t go with the usual story about the history of vampires. In the book, they can’t change people by biting them or burn to dust in the sun, or glow in the sun like Twilight. Some of the vampires in the book even have extra abilities like vision and compulsion. This makes the story different from most and more unpredictable.

I am excited for the last book and I hope it’s as good the first two books. I give these two books 4/5

I hope you enjoyed this. Please feel free to give me feed back.

Have a good day!




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